Marilyn Manson, 10 Voodoo Mag. @numeroberlin Cover Story

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Written by Claudia

I am fashion beauty blogger. This blog is dedicated to Brian Warner aka Marilyn Manson.
Claudia Gollini is a makeup artist, fashion/beauty blogger and journalist, editor and writer, and body painter of events and TV show (Make-up Deborah-Gucci and Castrocaro TV talent show, body painter to Art gallery ‘Spazio l’altrove’ and TV show Sky 869 Village festival and another fairs & exhibition on Italy).
Press on Association Citizen Journalist and web writer. Interview to Bobby Robert Kennedy III(Actor), Rosanna Marani(Journalist sport and writer), Tom Kennedy(Musician), David Binney(Musician), Stefano Albertini(Journalist), Marco Mainini (Actor) and The Zen Circus (Band). Available on Italian leaguages.
A degree of Computer science and specialist at graphic art, Certificate in personal shopper, her books include ‘Seduction sex sense’ Italian version, my piece on Marilyn Monroe.
Her passions are writer and travel around the world, shopping, food and best hotels.

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